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    Collabregator is a newly created global think tank news aggregation service which reveals differing assessments of the major foreign, security, defence, and political issues and events that are shaping the international community.

    At heart of Collabregator is the aggregation of pressing issues shaping different regions of the world, brought together in an easy-to-use and central location, enabling the user to have fast, concise, and up-to-the-minute access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Collabregator makes use of the latest technology to give the user full access to, and control of pressing global issues, and events whether the user is on the go on the streets of the world’s capitals, or simply on the desktop when in the office.


    A typical Collabregator follower is passionate about the sharing of news and analysis and the world we live in.
    They typically tend to come from think tanks and academic institutions worldwide. They might be logging in before they read their office email, or following up on the day’s events after night shift.

    Collabregator followers are highly engaged professionals seeking an easier way to navigate the complicated, and often at times busy and dynamically changing world in which they need to better understand.


    Collabregator brings together events which shape our world, the leaders who mould it and everyday people whose thoughts, opinions and ideas make or break the news.

    Collabregator provides the information and tools for aggregation about the news and events which affect our lives, including foreign, security, defence and political developments.

    At the heart of Collabregator is the world’s fastest breaking think tank aggregation service, with issues and events published in a way that’s relevant, easy to understand and encourages interaction.

    In the past people around the world have had to visit a large number of think tanks, or academic institutions to gain a greater understanding of what’s happening throughout the world, often piecemeal and rarely in a concise fashion.

    Today, Collabregator empowers readers by using the latest technology to foster links between communities, those affected by events and those who can change them, so as a global people we can focus on events and issues in a well-informed, balanced way that encourages solutions rather than problems.